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March 30, 2020
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Roofing – In the 1960s almost a whole generation decided to wear wild clothes and talk about the environment. Much of the wild clothes, along with the flowers in her hair have disappeared, but environmental consciousness has grown exponentially. Perhaps never in history have so many people wanted to live in better harmony with nature. And that feeling is making its way to the roofing industry. Not only are things such as roof color being considered in climates where dark colors attract heat and raise cooling costs, but the new concept is also the living roof.

According to a recent poll by Forbes, 93% of respondents indicated a concern for the environment while 77% are actively seeking to live more sustainably. One idea that is starting to take hold in the roofing industry is the green roof or living roof. These habitats are created on a person’s roof after installing a waterproof membrane. These roofs can also have systems for drainage and the impeding of root systems.

Environmental concerns regarding home buying are often of greatest concern to younger people, as people over 50 usually have established homes. The National Association of REALTORS Research Department found that the largest segment of home buyers was in the 36 years and under demographic, with them buying 34% of homes. Two-thirds of them are first time home buyers. This key demographic is extremely environmentally conscious, as they are most affected by long term environmental negative effects.



Green roofing, or the living roof, has the potential to be a force in the roofing industry. There are a number of reasons the environmentally-conscious would choose such a roof. These living roofs absorb water just like the earth but because of their shallowness, they take only so much, filtering some and reducing runoff during steady or even heavy rain. Because these roofs are living, breathing organisms, they reduce pollution and through biological processes improve the quality of air. They can consist of native grasses and plants, mainly ones that grow slowly unless a garden of some kind is preferred. This kind of roof becomes a miniature nature preserve with birds and bees in likely attendance. Some owners of these roofs strong enough actually set up benches or chairs and turn it into a living space, a garden in the clouds, an escape to nature.

There are a video and song by the Propellerheads featuring Miss Shirley Bassey called History Repeating. It could have been called Roofs Repeating. Green or living roofs have been around for thousands of years, from the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to common usage by European homeowners and many early settlers planting their stake on the Great Plains. The conditions are ripe for a renaissance in this type of structure. For not only is the green or living roof an environmental consideration, but it is also beautiful and brings the homeowner into an intimate connection with the natural world. Not the typical choice, but something more and more people are considering.

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