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Commercial Roofing

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Commercial Roofing is completely different from residential roofing. The commercial building owners face unique problems and hence, even the solutions should be unique to them. The commercial roofing uses a different kind of material and it is done only to protect the commercial establishments, by sealing the roofs. The weather in Florida is very harsh and can adversely affect the roofs of the commercial buildings. This is the reason the owners should be careful while choosing the roofing systems for their commercial properties. These kinds of roofs are versatile and very much durable and thus, they are installed to handle the rough weather of Florida. They seem to be so strong that even the homeowners have started to install commercial roofing systems in their homes.

Commercial roofing is the better option is intended to protect your investments in the harsh Florida weather.

Do you want to install commercial roofing on your property? Are you looking to safeguard your property from the rough weather of Florida? Then, give us a call and let our experts handle it in a professional manner. My Florida Roofing Contractor has a reputation of providing exceptional service to all the property owners. We undertake all kinds of roofing, be it residential, commercial or industrial. In addition to installing the roofs from the beginning, we also fix already installed roofs with our thorough re-roofing operation services. We adhere to all the safety guidelines during the installation of the roofs as we think it is our responsibility to safeguard the owners, workers and the general public.

Different Types Of Commercial Roofing

There are various kinds of commercial roofing systems available that have to be selected depending on numerous factors. The roofs are customized to every building and are installed based on a number of layers to be applied, type of existing roofs, etc. Some of the commonly used commercial roofs are mentioned below.


This kind of roofing is made up of flat synthetic rubber material. The individual pieces are joined together at the edges to form continuity. They reflect UV rays and keep the building safe from harsh weather conditions.


Also called SBS or APP, this kind of roof is made from asphalt with numerous other solvents and modifiers. It can be slightly expensive compared to other materials but it can last up to 20 years.

Built-Up Roofs

This kind of roof is the most traditional of them all and is made by using layers of base, interplay as well as cap sheets. Hot asphalt is commonly used as bonding between the layers.

There are various other types of commercial roofs such as Green roofs, Solar Panels roofs, Thermoplastic roofing, Metal roofs, etc. All these roofs are durable and last longer when maintained properly.

Commercial Roofing has gained a lot of momentum and we, at My Florida Roofing Contractor, have all the necessary tools, equipment and expertise to install different kinds of roofs. We use top quality materials for commercial roofing and offer our services at competitive prices.

Get commercial roofing done by certified experts with many years of experience in installation of different kinds of roofs. Don’t hesitate to call us for requesting a professional survey of your property.