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Why Tile Roofs Are The Best For Your Home

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Tile roofs have a lot of significant benefits over other types of roof. Its extreme durability is perhaps the most important of all. Roof tiles are designed to last for a long time, particularly because of their weight and strength and the natural water ventilation and shedding ability.

The weight of the tiles matches the load of the present day designs for various climatic regions, thereby reducing its chances of developing problems common with other types of roof. These qualities or features make tile roof the first option if you are a homeowner in coastal regions.

Tile is available in different colors, shapes, and sizes, whether it is clay or concrete tile. It can get a flat tile, round tile, or any shape you desire. In fact, it has limitless possibilities.

With the wide range of colors which varies from dark shades to light and multi-colored shades, you can easily design your roof with home exterior colors. You can also get tiles that suit your architectural style, whether contemporary or historical, Mediterranean, Spanish, or even New England Colonial.

Tile roof is the right economical choice for you, as it can last for about 50 to 100 years or even more and requires only little maintenance.

In fact, many clay tile roofs around Asia and Europe are still intact and beautiful after so many decades. Your tiles’ color may, however, soften over the years due to long time exposure to different elements. Its beauty can be maintained. Repairing your tiles can be easily done since the tiles are installed individually.

If you live in an environment prone to extreme winds, hurricanes or even tornadoes, it is advisable for you to roof your home with these roofing tiles, (clay or concrete) because of its resistance and durability.

It has been proven that if properly installed, your tile roof can withstand winds of not less than 150miles per hour such as can be found in the state of Florida. It is also built to resist fire, hail and high winds. They are one of the easiest roofs to install as long as you employ a skilled professional.

You should also rest assured that the materials used in making roof tiles do not contain chemical preservatives and do not drain the already limited natural resources. The waste is also recyclable.

This tile roof will also reduce ambient temperatures in your home as a result of its superior thermal properties capable of cutting the transfer of heat. Unlike other roofs, tile roofs are individually installed, and this creates a natural airspace between the tiles. This airspace results in the tiles’ natural air ventilation ability which ensures that your house is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

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