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Tile Roofs in Vero Beach

Roof maintenance in Vero Beach
Roof Maintenance in Vero Beach
February 16, 2017
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How To Repair Your Leaking Roof
February 24, 2017
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tile roofs in vero beach

tile roof in Vero Beach

Tile roofs in Vero Beach and the Treasure Coast are beautiful to look at and will add great value and curb appeal to any home. The challenge is , just like anything else in life a tile roofs in Vero Beach and the treasure Coast requires maintenance. such as, cleaning and replacing damaged tiles after a storm . If your home is in a golf community, golf balls have been known to slice far left and hit a tile roof, causing tiles to break and sometimes exposing the underlayment to the sun’s uv rays that could cause more expensive damage and leaks. So if you own a home in Vero Beach or the TReasure coast with a tile roof and you spot some damaged tiles, you should call a roofing contractor. A good roofing contractor with experience in repairing tiles roofs in Vero Beach, will know that some tiles can be repaired using special tile adhesives. This will eliminate the need to replace an old tile with new that could cause your roof to show where it was repaired and create an eye sore. This is where experience counts. A tile repair should never be obvious. Just like repairing a broken floor tile, you want to replace with with a matching tile, so that the repair doesn’t stand out. When repairing tile roofs in VEro Beach and the treasure Coast you always want to use the same tile make and color. Most times when a tile roof is re roofed the roofer will leave behind a stack of tiles just in case. But, this is not always the case, some times there are no tiles, and another method would be, if the broken tiles can be seen from the backyard or the front of the street, these are the most important tiles because of the visibility. The best way to repair these broken tiles would be to move tiles from other areas of the roof that are not visible from the ground. These tiles are the original and will fit seamlessly. While you can use the new tiles in the concealed portion of the roof for underlayment protection. This final method would be painting tiles to match. easier said than done.Replacing your tile roof in Vero Beach could be a challenging decision. Especially with all of the methods of installation and combination of materials that may be used. In the past installing tiles were a simple task, it consisted of loosely laid tiles that would simply overlap each other and adhered with mortar or laid over batten boards and nailed in place, these roofs although beautiful were not very reliable and would often leak. Fast forward many years later and tiles roofs have been redesigned to provide beauty with water proof integrity. The standard installation of a tile roof depending on the geographic area, most likely will consist of and anchor sheet, tile underlayment and tiles attached by nails, screwed directly to the deck or over battens, although this is the most common method this does provide possible challenges down the road. Although the tiles are mechanically fastened, the fasteners are installed over a seal of mastic to prevent water from filtering through. The challenge is, over time the mastic will become dry and brittle and susceptible to cracking and will eventually turn into a leak that could add up to costly repair. Although mechanically installed tile roofs will probably always be accepted, there is an alternative. Using a foam adhesive would eliminate the use of most fastener. Using foam to adhere tiles to the roof offer an excellent choice to nails and could provide a long lasting and strong roof. Foam adhesion have strong uplift strength that could stand up to most storms and even hurricanes, repairs are also less expensive because if there is a broken tile, most times it’s just a matter of popping out the broken tile adding a foam patty and installing the new tile. As you can see these are the two most common methods of installing cement or clay tiles, if you live in areas prone to storms like Florida, you will have to go through a permitting process and depending on your type and slope of roof will determine the most suitable choice for your investment, but if you do have a choice I would definitely recommend the foam adhesive over the mechanically fastened tile roof. well you try to match, it will probably still be obvious. But hopefully this will never become an option Tile Roofs in Vero Beach,

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