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Tile Roofs

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March 23, 2018
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April 20, 2018
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The roof of your house is one of those things that are noticed initially by the visitors. So, you have to be careful while selecting the roof material, style and color for your home roofs. While all kinds of roofs are installed and loved, the number of people turning to tile roofs is gradually increasing. It not only keeps your house dry and warm but also gives extra durability, strength and unique look.

Tiles are made from various kinds of materials, most commonly clay, sand and concrete. This type of roofs offers longevity with an estimated shelf life of over 50 years and might be more if maintained well as it offers maximum protection against sun and insect damages. They look beautiful and are more durable than other options because water cannot decay the tiles. It comes in numerous shapes such as flat, curved, interlocking, etc. Tile roofs are suitable for those places that have coastline and experience hurricanes and storms on a regular basis making them the best option for coastal Florida region.

If the tile roofs are installed by an experienced contractor, you can expect it to last long before you think of replacing them.

At My Florida Roofing Contractor, we make sure that all the precautionary measures are taken before installing tile roofs. Our team has many years of experience in inspecting, installing and providing an ideal solution for roofs. We use the latest equipment and top quality products while making tile roofs and commit to offering best services to the people in and around Florida region. We are aware how harsh the weather in Florida can be and how much damage it can make to the roofs. So, our experienced professionals take utmost care during installation of the roofs and also, provide support once the installation is done.

Benefits of Tile Roofs

No matter which material you choose for tile roofs, it offers numerous advantages, with some of them mentioned below.

  • It offers plenty of choices to make as it comes in various colors and styles that can be matched according to your home style
  •  Tile roofs never decay unlike wood roofs and hence they are resistant to insect and rot damage
  •  Tile roofs are environment-friendly because they are produced from earth minerals and not any chemicals. They can be easily recycled when removed
  •  One of the most important benefits of installing tile roofs is that they are long-lasting and can last up to a minimum of 50 years if installed in the normal climate
  •  The tile roofs can easily withstand storms, hail, winds, etc and hence, it should be the perfect choice for the homes in and around Florida
  •  It is also energy-efficient and is responsible for regulating indoor temperature
  •  Unless there is a heavy damage on the tiles, the roofs do not require any kind of maintenance and also, there are no chances for water leaks

Despite being heavy and costly, the tile roofs are chosen by many as it offers various advantages. The installation of tile roofs is difficult and only an expert roofing contractor can do it in a professional manner. My Florida Roofing Contractor has an extensive experience in measuring the tiles and laying them in a specific pattern. We offer various design, color and style option for Tile roofs that can be chosen according to the needs and budget. If you want a professional to install highly durable and strong tile roof, don’t forget to contact us. We assure you that you will get impressed how precisely and perfectly we install the Tile roofs and provide a beautiful look to your homes.

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