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Tile Roof Repair in Vero Beach

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September 30, 2016
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Tile Roof Repair Vero Beach

Tile Roof repair in Vero Beach

Tile Roof repair in Vero Beach henever possible, make inspection from ground or from above if possible. Inspect for:
Biological growth: Inspect for dirt build-up, biological attack, mold, fungus. Also inspect for buildup of debris and vegetation such as moss or lichen. Heavy coatings of any type form dams and stop natural drainage, resulting in various types of deteriorations. This is more apt to occur on north slopes.
Individual tiles: Inspect tile ridge details and starter courses for missing, loose, broken, or out of place tiles.
Wear: Excessive weathering, spalling or staining indicating weathering and age. Tile movement may be detected by unusually clean areas (lack of stains). Movement is often a sign of failed fastenings.
Leaks: When doing a tIle roof repair in Vero Beach Inspect the underside of the roof deck from the attic to detect leaks. Flashings are the most vulnerable points. Therefore, inspect the underside carefully at all flashing points and along downhill side of any roof penetrations for evidence of leakage such as water stains. Nothing looks worse than unmatched tiles next to each other in the same course. To blend the new tiles in with the old, don’t mix them on the same roof plane. Put the new ones on dormer roofs, on a clipped gable, or in shadows.
e tile, itself, is either concrete or clay and should last a lifetime, however what keeps the water from entering your home is actually the felt underneath the tile. The felt is traditionally an asphalt-based product and as the felt material ages it becomes brittle. When the felt expands and contracts with the heat and cold, it will eventually crack.

A tile roof repair in Vero BeachThe tile will shed most of the water, however some water does trickle down to the felt and this is when you can notice a leak. In other cases, you can locate the leak at a pipe penetration, termination (chimney, skylight, roof to wall intersection) or from slipped or broken tiles.

Tile Roof Repair Vero Beach

Tile Roof repair in Vero Beach

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