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The Benefits Of Acrylic Coating

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October 26, 2016
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November 13, 2016
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Commercial Reflective Roof Coating vero beach

Reflective Seal Coating Vero Beach

In today’s economy, it is important for homeowners to make purchasing decisions that will allow them to derive the most possible value. Our homes are the largest investment that we will ever make and the roof of the home is one of the most crucial aspects of this investment.

Proper maintenance is pivotal, in order to ensure that our roofs have a long shelf life. Should your roof experience issues, the costs of a total tear down or replacement are often onerous. As a result, roof coatings have now become the more viable option. They are also much less expensive than other forms of roof coating and their cost effectiveness is one of the primary advantages.

Acrylic coating is designed to be more Eco-friendly and keep the roof cooler, UV exposure is significantly reduced.

Roof coatings are growing in popularity and a wide range of homeowners are turning to acrylic coating to keep their investment safe. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of acrylic coating, so that you can make the right decision for the future of your home.

Environmental Friendliness

One of the main reasons why acrylic coatings have become so commonplace is due to their level of environmental friendliness. They are water based and provide the home with an advanced level of reflectivity. This keeps the home from becoming excessively warm during the summer months.

Lowering Energy Costs

Since an acrylic coating is designed to keep the roof cooler, UV exposure is significantly reduced. These coatings are able to withstand temperature fluctuations without being affected and by absorbing heat without raising the temperature of the home, homeowners are able to save a great deal of money on their energy costs over the life of the roof.

Ease of Application

For homeowners who are in search of a roof coating that can be applied with relative ease typically turn to an acrylic because they are a single component, waterborne material that does not require any sort of double component mixing. All you need is a paint brush or a squeegee and your acrylic roof coating can be applied in the same manner as your normal, everyday house paint. As an added bonus, these coatings also have a limited level of toxicity.

Longer Life Cycle

While there are some who are reticent to apply acrylic coating to their roofs because of a slightly increased initial cost as compared to other roof coating options, the life span that these coatings provide a much lower cost over the long haul. Their durability, coupled with their ability to decrease your monthly energy bill, are two of the main advantages that an acrylic coating has to provide.

For more information about the benefits that an acrylic coating can provide for your roof, be sure to contact the good people at My Florida Roofing Contractor as soon as possible.

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