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Benefits Of Using Modified Bitumen As A Roofing Solution

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Commercial Reflective Roof Coating vero beach

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If you’re building a property or shoring up an existing one, roofing likely is a major concern. And why wouldn’t it be? The roof is what protects you, your loved ones and your possessions! You need a strong and reliable roof to take care of your entire life.

One of the most popular roofs available is modified bitumen.

Likely you have heard of asphalt roofing. It has been used for centuries to close up all compromising holes and protect a house from water, ice and snow. The difference with modified bitumen though is that it is an evolved version of asphalt roofing. It creates a tight seal and is self-adhering which contractors prefer. Here are some benefits of using it as a roofing solution:

• It works excellently in very cold climates. One of the problems with cold climates is that the homes in these areas take an especially harsh beating. Their roofs are known to wear down quicker because of the weight of ice, melting of water and weight of both. Modified bitumen roofing is valued because it offers great performance even after weathering harsh winters. It was designed to be flexible, even in the coldest of temperatures. With minimized brittle make-up it is less susceptible to cracking. Less cracks mean less opportunity for leaks.

• Modified bitumen roofing also offers self-adhesion. This is a huge benefit to contractors. In old times, installing it required some form of heat—a torch was most common. It was used to heat up the coating and then stick it to the roof membrane. Newer modes of roofing now are self-adhering so contractors don’t have to worry at all about bringing a qualified and safe heat source to the job site. All they have to do is peel off the back of the membrane and adhere it to the roofing area/s that are in need of protection.

• By offering self-adhesion this diminishes VOC output. VOC, or volatile organic compound, is a serious concern today. Not only is it harmful to the environment but it can affect contractors and workers. Modified bitumen does not require the heat sources that create VOCs. This means that workers are safer and so are those in the work areas where roofing is being installed.

• Modified bitumen is lightly colored and built with heat-reflection. By having a lighter color, heat is deflected rather than absorbed into your home. Add to that the fact that it is also innately heat-reflective, and you likely will see some savings on cooling costs throughout the year. This is always an added benefit of products.

Using modified bitumen as a roofing solution is a good idea if you want to save costs on cooling, want something that will last long in harsh climates and perform overall at its peak. Not only is it a great option, but it also is recyclable. When you’re done with it, it can easily be removed and repurposed for other jobs.

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