sealcoating your roof in Stuart and the Treasure coast

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Sealcoating your roof in Stuart and the Treasure Coast

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sealcoating your roof in Stuart

seal coat your roof in stuart and the treasure coast

sealcoatiing your roof in Stuart and the Treasure Coast can be a smart decision.
n Do you have a flat roof in Stuart and the Treasure Coast? Is your flat roof older than 2 years old? Would you like to know how to extend the life of your roof? Then you should consider seal coating your flat roof. Sealcoating your flat roof offers a list of benefits. Sealcoating your roof in Stuart and the Treasure Coast will make it l water tight and prevent leaks, protect the roofs membrane from the harsh effects of the elements including rain and sun UV rays. It can be easily maintained, unlike roofing membranes, seal coats are painted on, like painting a house. A diy can tackle almost any small job by following the steps instructed by the manufacture. Some of the products you will be handling will be an acrylic based product or silicone. Both products could be purchased at your local hardware or home improvement store and will most likely have a how-to instruction listed above the product. The two most common elastomeric products will be silicone and acrylic. The look the same and prices are very similar, silicone being a bit more expensive. The first thing you should note from your flat roof is the pitch most flat flat roofs have about a ¼” in 12 pitch and better will be between 1/2″ and 2” anything greater would probably be considered a steep slope roof, the next item to consider is the type of roof, most common residential and commercial flat roofs will be a granulated roll roofed system, where roofing rolls were rolled using hot asphalt, cold process or self-adhered. The life span of a flat roof typically is 10 to 15 years but often start to give problems after the 2nd year if improperly installed. If you are experiencing problems soon after the roof was installed and your warranty expired, consider applying a sealcoat to avoid having to replace the roof or making costly flat roof repairs. for more information on sealcoatiing your roof in Stuart and the Treasure Coast

To seal coat your roof, once you’ve determined the slope you’ll want to use a silicone for a dead level or better pitched roof and if your roof has a ¼” or better sloped you may use the lesser expensive acrylic elastomeric sealant. Your going to want to purchase the right amount of sealant, paint brushes ad painters rolls see the manufactures recommendation on the coverage per gallons and application method. When ready to begin the project, all materials necessary in hand , inspect the roof, if your roof is dark and has sediments and leaves, remove all the vegetation and clean the roof using a broom brush with water a detergent soap, clean the roof and hose off completely until all soap residue is gone, one part bleach and water enough to clean the roof until the roof is obviously cleaner can be used , again just ensure that the roof is water clean when completed. Once you have the roof completely clean and dry, commence to apply the product as instructed by the manufacture directions, even out the product using a roller with even rolls , use a wet mill thickness gauge to ensure even distribution , keep applying the product untill the deck is completely white and no visible signs the existing roofs membrane. Once your roof is complete. You can start to enjore a worry free roof that will be leak free for years to come and will help save energy with its white reflective color. You can reapply the same brand product every five to ten years just ensure the existing surface is clean. It will only continue to get better with time, thus saving money.sealcoatiing your roof in Stuart and the Treasure Coast

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