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How To Expense Roofing Material Costs

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Replacing your roof can hit your wallet quite hard. It is an investment that can take a toll on your finances, but in the long run, it is well worth it. If you are a little tight on money, it is time to create a plan or budget that will aid paying for this service. A healthy roof is essential when it comes to the protection of your property and loved ones. My Florida Roofing Contractor is here to assist and explain the cost of all the roofing materials that are involved. We want to assist to ensure you don’t get any surprises along the way. Our company is deemed as one of the best roofing companies in Vero Beach FL.


What is Included in a Roof Structure

A roof system includes a roof structure and multiple layers of materials above it. The roof structure usually includes some type of deck spanning a network of load-bearing structural joists and beams. These load-bearing roof elements are less likely to be replaced unless a catastrophic failure occurs such as from a tornado or fire or long-term neglect of the roof cover. If you need more information contact roofing companies in Vero Beach FL.


Building owners often spend significant amounts to replace portions of various roof system components. Having a basic understanding of roof systems will aid when it comes to how much it will cost.


Types of Roofing Materials

The first step in creating a budget for your roof replacement is determining what roof style you will use and become familiar with the different options. The types of roofing you can choose to protect your home are as follows:

  • Steep-pitch roofing
    • Asphalt shingles
      • Lifespan in years: 15-30
    • Wood shakes
      • Lifespan in years: 30-50
    • Metal
      • Lifespan in years: 50+
    • Tile
      • Lifespan in years: 50+
    • Natural stone
      • Lifespan in years: 50+
    • Sythetic
      • Lifespan in years: 30-50+


  • Low-pitch or flat roofing
    • Built-up
      • Lifespan is years: 10-15
    • Modified bitumen
      • Lifespan in years: 12-20
    • Synthetic Rubber
      • Lifespan in years: 25-30
    • Spray-applied coating
      • Lifespan in years: 20-50
    • Metal
      • Lifespan in years: 30-45
    • Spray foam
      • Lifespan in years: 50+

Regardless of what style of roofing you require, My Florida Roofing Contractor can give you top-of-the-line service. From contemporary to antique, we offer an array of styles that fit every price and style. We understand that there is a variety of needs and wants when it comes to your home or business, and are glad to provide services for every necessity. Through exacting work standards and high requirements, we assess our work to ensure that we’ve provided every single customer with commercial roofs and roofing services that meet or even surpass the leading industry standards.


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When it comes to the expenses of a roof replacement, it is imperative you know all the information regarding roofing materials. We are one of the greatest roofing companies in Vero Beach. My Florida Roofing Contractor, which was formerly known as Reyes Group General Construction, was established in 2003. My Florida Roofing Contractor is committed to using quality products, providing excellent service, and delivering the best customer care possible. We provide all clients with a warranty for all completed projects. Please give us a call today and see for yourself.  We are one of the best roofing companies in Vero Beach FL.

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