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How a Roof Vent Stops Your Roof From Baking

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Your roof can be damaged by a variety of factors, and heat is a major one that can be prevented. The damage caused by extreme heat is exacerbated by a lack of ventilation. Extreme heat can cause roofing joists and wood beams to expand, while also damaging flashing. This allows water to leak into your home and cause further issues. Heat can also shrink shingles and cause them to blister, shortening the lifespan of your roof and opening the door for potential damage. Rather than waiting until the last second and googling “roofing company near me,” it is better to take a proactive approach and install a vent with My Florida Roofing Contractor before your roof suffers any heat damage. Call us today to protect your roof from baking in the hot Vero Beach sun.


Why You Need A Roof Vent


Heat can damage your roof in an array of ways. Without proper ventilation, heat rises from your attic or overhead crawl space and damages asphalt shingles. Blistering on your shingles then shortens the lifespan of your roof. Without a vent to let it out, heat pushes down into your home and increases your cooling costs. Excess humidity can cause moisture that damages not only your roof but the rest of your house as well. Mold thrives in moisture and can spread from the attic to the rest of the house and expose you and your family to harmful mold spores. When looking for a “roofing company near me” in Vero Beach, it is important to make sure they pay proper attention to checking for mold damage on your roof, something that My Florida Roofing Contractor will always do. Keeping your roof ventilated and dry reduces chances of mold and keeps your family safe and healthy. Furthermore, severe mold and moisture can rot plywood roof sheathing and cause the layers of plywood to separate and become infirm.


How A Roof Vent Helps


A properly ventilated roof ensures maximum air circulation while preventing condensation from building up, which also helps your home’s cooling system function more efficiently and save you money on Air Conditioning. There are several types of roof vents that serve to circulate air properly and protect your home. Ridge vents ventilate the underside of your roof, preventing overheating and the buildup of moisture and mold. General roof vents allow hot, moist air to escape out of the attic so it can’t damage the roof and age your roof prematurely. Intake vents move air throughout the roof to assist with circulation. My Florida Roofing Contractor will make sure your vents are functioning properly with quality service, and give advice on ways to maximize vent capacity.


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When searching up “roofing company near me” in Vero Beach, choose My Florida Roofing Contractor due to our stellar service and longstanding reputation for quality. Not only can we install new roofs for your home or business, we can help you maintain your roof proactively to protect your building and save you money in the long run. Call us and schedule a consultation to either check, install, or clean your roof vent today!

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