Finding Discontinued Roof Tiles for Sale in Vero Beach!

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How To Cope With Discontinued Roof Tiles

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Whether you are performing a standard roof inspection and assessment to see if your Vero Beach home is ready for the summer storm season, or you need roof repair as a result of a storm, it is possible you may need some roof tile replacement. However, it’s not always as easy as it may seem to find your exact roof tiles for sale. Certain roof tiles, especially on older and aging roofs, have been discontinued by the manufacturer. My Florida Roofing Contractor is here to help you cope if you find your roof tiles are discontinued. We are the premier roofing contractor along the Treasure Coast for repair and replacement services. Our Vero beach roofing contractors strive to meet all your roofing needs and will work to find roofing tiles to replace and match your aesthetic.


You May Need a Full Roof Replacement


Insurance companies may provide a new roof if your current roof tiles have been discontinued. If you file a roof damage claim with your insurance and it turns out that it’s impossible to replace a damaged tile or shingle, so it matches the remainder of your roof, your insurer will have to replace the entire section, from the roof ridge down to the edge. If that section equals more than a quarter of your total roof area, then your entire roof must be replaced so it’s brought up to code. According to the section of Florida’s building code on roof assemblies and rooftop structures, if 25 percent of a roof needs to be repaired in a twelve-month period, the entire roof must be replaced to ensure that it conforms to the current code requirements. If you’re entitled to a new roof, My Florida Roofing Contractor can personalize your roof to your specification. We are the Vero Beach roofing contractors who know what’s best for your building.


Finding Roof Tiles for Sale


It may not be very cost effective to replace your entire roof if you are only missing a few tiles or there is only slight damage to a few of the tiles. My Florida Roofing Contractor can perform repairs with tiles similar in style and color and can be used to replace missing or damaged tiles. Unfortunately, an exact color replacement is not going to be likely if the roof tiles were discontinued.


We may also be able to find your tiles even if they are discontinued. Our Vero Beach roofing contractors keep a collection of discontinued tiles by reclaiming tiles when replacing roofs with tiles we know have been discontinued. We can also help find other reclaimed tiles for sale from outside vendors to give your home the roof of your dreams.


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It is a major inconvenience to discover your roof tiles are discontinued. My Florida Roofing Contractors can ease the burden and find roof tiles for sale in Vero Beach that you’ll love. Florida homeowners have trusted us for more than fifteen years. For more information about our roof repair and replacement services call us today.

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