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Roof Shingles

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A huge investment is needed whenever you plan to buy a new house. Your job is not done after purchasing a property because you also need to maintain it so that it can last for a longer time period. Roof is one of the most vulnerable parts of a house that can be affected by harsh weather conditions such as tornado, windstorm, heavy rain, hailstorm, or hurricane that’s why you must take good care of it. But the question that may come in your mind is ‘How to keep your home’s roof protected’. Well! Roof shingles is the best answer to this question. Properly fitted roof shingles will protect your real estate from all sorts of weather conditions. Moreover, it will also enhance the lifespan of your property.

When Roof Shingles are Required?

There are certain indicators that will let you know about the right time to have roof shingles.

• If the water spots on your ceilings began to buckle or wrap, then it is sign of a leak. Water will drip inside your home during rain. Under such a situation, you must get your roof inspected.
• If you observe the formation of mold on your roof, then immediately contact the roof inspection team.
• Sometimes, roof damages are not visible after a severe weather event such as hailstorm or windstorm but they usually affect the roof in majority of the cases. Hence, it is recommended to contact a professional roofing contractor immediately after a bad weather event.


Types of Roof Shingles Available at My Florida Roof Contractor

Nowadays, roof shingles are available in various types and they usually vary in shape, material, thickness, size and color. Let’s have a look on the variety of roof shingles that are provided by My Florida Roof Contractor.

1. Asphalt
Asphalt shingles are one of the most widely used roof shingles. They are easy to install and replace. Price of asphalt shingles is not high and they are available in different sizes, colors, shapes and styles.

2. Slate
It is a long-lasting roof shingle and can last for more than 100 years.

3. Fiberglass
It is an advanced type of roof shingles. Same like asphalt shingles, they are economical and also easy to fix and install.

4. Tile roofs
Tile roofs are available in both concrete and clay material. You can get them in a variety of colors, styles and shapes.

5. Solar
Solar roof shingles are also trendy these days. Government provides tax incentives if you install them because they not only produce energy but are also eco-friendly.

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