Pros and Cons of Different Kinds of Roof Sealant

There are different kinds of roof sealant that you can select from, and My Florida Roofing Contractor in Vero Beach knows that it is essential to know the pros and cons of each so that you can better choose the one that is right for you. Many people do not realize that there are even multiple selections for roof sealant and it can be their downfall. Being able to choose the one that is best is going to save them repair costs in the long run. If you are interested in learning more about roof sealant or you have been searching “roofers near me,” contact us at My Florida Roofing Contractor today.

Roof Sealant for Your Roof

Roof sealant is a smart choice for those who want to block the elements from entering a space. The coating acts as a barrier between the roof and the sun to protect it from UV rays. With this, it also helps to reduce the energy costs of the home overall so that you can save money both in repair and in utilities.

Acrylic is one option for roof coatings. It is water-based and cost-effective. They are suitable for climate control as well as providing the best value for the price. It is very reflective, and it is good for UV resistance. However, it will lose its thickness as it weathers and it typically does not respond well when water being pooling on the roof.

Polyurethane is another option. This one is more resistant to impact as well as handling traffic. Of the polyurethane, there are two types that you can select from: aromatic and aliphatic. Aromatic is less expensive, but they are not made to be UV resistant while aliphatic is more costly but UV stable.

Silicone is your final option. This one is cured for moisture and actually thrives in the humidity. Silicone is so powerful that it can actually eliminate the need for a primer in certain instances. That said, when the roof needs recoating, silicone is more laborious to adhere to than other materials which means that you will need to eradicate the coating or have to recoat with a compatible silicone.

Are You Searching for “Roofers Near Me”?

If you have been searching “roofers near me,” we can be your resource. We know the value of good quality roofing, and we make sure to provide that to you as best as we can. We have all the tools to help you with your roof sealant and ensure that your roof lasts for a long time. If you are ready to coat your roof or you need our assistance with another roofing project, contact us today.

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Los Dos fishing teamLos Dos fishing team

My Florida roofing is an amazing company to deal with. The recently redid our roof from shingles to standing seem metal roof. It looks amazing. I got roughly about 10 quotes from the top roofers in Indian river county and they help educate me and showed me different options of material's for the new roof. Their team came in and stripped reroof the entire home in about week to do great weather. They strip and relapse before any rain could hit the exposed material. Rene and Maxine are such a pleasure to deal with. The are very upfront about everything and every detail that you speak with Rene about is backed up with written documentation so you know and see exactly what you are paying for. They also show and explain the different options to add on if you choose to. They are very quick to respond and answer any questions you may have in a timely matter. No doubt in my mind did I make the right decision going with My Florida Roofing. I recommend and would you use them again for any future projects. Again thank you Rene, Maxine and all of the team at My Florida Roofing for making a new roof process so quick and painless

Ren RobbRen Robb

The Reyes' were very friendly, accommodating and professional. Rene visited the site often to check on the work. The crew was professional friendly and efficient. We had our roof replaced, asphalt shingles to metal, almost a year ago now and still marvel at the look. The color matches perfectly with the house trim. I highly recommend MyFloridaRoofing.

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