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Roof Repairs in Vero Beach

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November 10, 2017
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November 24, 2017
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roofing contractors vero beach

Roof Repairs in Vero  Beach should be done as quickly as possible,to  prevent further damage to your roof or your home’s interior.

Your Shingles Buckle

Roof Repairs in Vero Beach may be needed if your shingles are buckling .Poor  attic ventilation can increase moisture to roof sheathing and cause the shingles to buckle Moisture can also  get trapped  when new shingles are placed on top of old shingles or if the new roof was not properly installed. Buckled shingles can be a sign that a new roof  is needed.

Water spots on your ceiling

Spots on your ceiling may be a sign that you need roof repairs in Vero Beach. This may be caused by a variety of reasons . Most often these leaks can be repaired instead of replacing your roof

The ugly spot is not the only problem , if nothing is done major water damage can occur and the homeowner may have to replace interior  ceilings or drywall.

There have been many roof repairs in Vero Beach caused by missing shingles. Many homeowners lost shingles as a result of high winds from Hurricane Irma. It is important to call a licensed and insured roofing contractor for your roof repairs in Vero Beach . An unlicensed person or handyman trying to do this on their own can incorrectly replace the shingles, which can cause your roof to leak.

Missing granules

It is normal and quite okay to lose some granules after your roof installation  However, if you have a lot of missing granules our roof’s lifespan will be greatly decreased because the asphalt on your shingle has been exposed to weather elements.If this is noticeable on an older roof – chances are you need a new roof


Blisters, which look like bubbles just under the surface of your shingle’s granules, are caused by moisture trapped in a shingle. The shingle may not need to be replaced until it breaks open. Once a shingle breaks open, it may become discolored and water leakage may become as issue.

Flashing that is damaged

A Roof flashing is a piece of sheet metal placed on the joints in a roof to keep water from seeping into the structure and is installed before the shingles. Flashing that has not been installed correctly or is damaged can cause leaking.

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