Roof Maintenance in Vero Beach

Roof maintenance in Vero Beach

Whether you have a residential or commercial roof keep in mind that just like your home, car or your body a roof requires proper maintenance and attention. Roof maintenance in Vero Beach is a must When managing a building or your home it is a good idea to have your roof inspected at least once a year, especially right before the rainy season. Having your roof evaluated can save property owner thousands of dollars in costly interior repairs and help maintain the life expectancy of the roof and even extend it… It’s always a better idea to hire a professional roofer or home inspector for this process … your investment in preventative roof care shouldn’t cost more than a 150 to 200 dollars for a standard residential roof and 200 to 500 dollars for a commercial roof which would add up to pennies if you took the cost of the inspection and divided it into the days of the year.

If the inspection resulted in finding a deficiency the cost would be a lot less than finding out you had a problem with the roof after it leaked through and caused damage to the interior of the property. What to expect when having a roof inspection : ensure that the individual you hire is a licensed roofing or home inspector, ensure that the person has experience working with your type of roof, verify his or hers license and check with the . Ensure the person providing inspection report will include pictures and an estimate of any unforseen deficiencies. The typical findings varies; depending on the the type of roof. For a shingle roof, you may find that there may be some de-granulation, mildew, debris from a near by tree, like branches, leaves, exposed or popped nails or missing shingles. A flat roof, you may find areas with ponding water that could accelerate the life of the roof, Roof maintenance in Vero Beach dried out pitch pans which are used to seal roof penetration for roof top equipment, loose laps and flashing, blisters, gatering of exposed asphalt, popped fastener, dried caulking at metal flashings to mention a few. Roof maintenance in Vero Beach

Some roofs like a tile roof, should be inspected but do not require the same attention as a shingle or flat roof due to the protection that concrete or clay tiles provide. But one should always consider having a roof inspected after a massive storm, look for lose or broken tiles that could leave the concealed underlayment exposed and cause it to deteriorate. Roof maintenance in Vero Beach

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Ronson QuintoRonson Quinto

My Florida Roofing was phenomenal, always on time and detail oriented. Very knowledgeable on the different types of roofs and options. Felix and Maria, picked up the phone immediately and always answered my questions. The owner Rene was on site frequently looking over the job. They were also the best priced and were even recommended by other roofing companies. Very happy with the outcome.

Salima AlySalima Aly

Having my roof done by My Florida Roofing has been nothing less than an excellent experience. The entire team has been super professional and attentive from the beginning. From the office team who handles the paperwork/permits and customer service and quickly sets up appointments; to Felix, our very knowledgeable and courteous sales rep, who was in constant contact throughout the project time, to give us updates and check up on us; to the installers who did an amazing job; to the owner who made sure to personally come and inspect before, during and after the roof was installed. Everyone did an outstanding job. Now let's talk about GOING ABOVE & BEYOND: Maria - the project manager. She was absolutely the person that made the entire process smooth and easy. She was always available to answer any questions and to give me updates (Maria - you are amazing- thank you!) We love our new roof. I am thrilled we decided to use My Florida Roofing. Thank you! I totally recommend this company and to anyone who needs to come by and see our roof we are at Lindsey Lanes - Vero Beach (house will be painted off-white soon, but for now is Yellow) - See photo for reference.

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