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You are a strong running business who is the need for a new roof. When beginning this process, there is a lot of planning. What roof style will you choose? What material will be incorporated? Are you going to utilize roof coating? Every selection you make will hold the biggest difference. However, what happens if you have no idea what roof coatings do for your building. The professionals at My Florida Roofing Contractor is here to explain the many benefits that come with this coating. We are the best roofing company near me and Vero Beach.


What Is A Roof Coating?

This coating is made for protecting and extending the life of a rood. It aids towards the useful service or roof assemblies that are necessary for new. It essentially protects and improves existing roof materials like metal, BUR, modified bitumen, single ply membranes, and spray polyurethane foam.  


How does it work? The roof coating is thicker than paint and has a higher solids content. The coating is made to protect roofs from the damaging effects of the environment and weather. This includes sunlight (UV light), water, and wind. This makes roofs elastics for many years. The coating usually contains a high level of top-quality resing. This resin and the volume of resins introduced during the manufacturing, allow the coating to maintain its elastic properties through its duration of existence. Once it is cured, the resin forms an elastomeric and durable film. This provides additional waterproofing and allows the roof coating to bridge small cracks and membrane seams found on roofs. This is usually applied in portions of a gallon per 100 square feet. Trust the best roofing company near me to get the job done the right way.


The Benefits of Roof Coatings

  • A fully restored, seamless, weatherproofing system
    • The systems include monolithic membranes that are sprayed across your roof. It goes around pipes, hatches, and other equipment found on the rooftop to fully seal and waterproof your roof. When sprayed, the coating melts together if you will, so there are no seams or patches around those hard to seal and reach areas.


  • Cost-effective
    • A roof coating is applied directly on top of your existing roof. This speeds up the installation time and lowers the costs. The labor is not as intensive as the installation of a new roof. A roof restoration system does not require the existing roof to be torn off, eliminating the contribution of landfill waste and costing you less, as you do not need to pay landfill fees. This will save you a lot of money in the long haul.


  • Sustainable
    • These systems are renewable and can be re-coated every ten years to lengthen the roof-life, renew the reflectivity, and ensure excellent waterproofing capabilities.


  • Environmentally friendly
    • If you restore your existing roof and reuse the current materials drastically reduces landfill waste and improves the environment. You are staying green and don’t even realize it!


  • There are no major distractions to the workplace during installation
    • When most business buildings get a roof rebuilt, the workplace below must shut down for a period of time. THis is for safety reasons. Any successful business knows that every second an office is closed, money is lost. With a roof coating, the workplace never has to be temporarily shut down. We work while you work!


  • Reflectivity
    • Highly reflective topcoats provide excellent UV protection to your rooftop. This additional protection adds years to your roof and reduces roof maintenance costs. A highly reflective roof coating also deliver a cooler and more comfortable environment inside the building with less air conditioning usage, ultimately lowering your energy utility costs.


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