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How To Repair Your Leaking Roof

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A roof leaking during a heavy rainfall can be very disturbing. The rain can drip into the ceiling and start dropping into the house. In no time the house would become saturated. However, finding a leak can take some time. Finding the problem is usually the most difficult part of repairing a leaking roof. When you notice a leak, it may not be coming from the area where its dripping. You have to be patient so that you don’t repair the wrong place.

The first step is to arm yourself with a torchlight and head to the attic. Be careful so that you don’t miss your step. Step on the joist carefully and when you have got your bearing, use the torchlight to examine the underside of the roof. Look closely to see if you would find an area that is darker than the surrounding roof sheathing. If you discover any spot covered with mold, there is the possibility that you have discovered the vulnerable area. It may be more challenging to find the leaking area during the dry season. The best method is to create an artificial storm. It would require the assistance from another person. One person should go to the roof with a garden hose to wet the roof, then another should go into the attic with a torchlight. By so doing you can easily locate the affected area.

Having located the affected area, the next step is to fix it as it will only get worse. Most times, it involves replacing a single sheath or two. If the leak is as a result of metal flashing around the chimneys, just reseal the joints with a caulk gun of roofing cement. If you find out that some joints were previously damaged, apply a fresh coat with a putty Knife.

These are some of the tools you need to have before you can fix your leaking roof properly.

• Hammer
• Nails
• Buckets
• Plywood
• Staple gun and staples
• Tape measure
• Putty knife
• Sponge
• The roofing sheet
• Scissors
• Screwdriver

It is advised to wear old clothes when you’re working on your leaking roof. Tough stains from the roofing sheet can be difficult to get off. Extreme caution is advised when going on the roof especially during the rainy season. Examine the extent of the damage to know if you need to call a professional for help or you can do it yourself. There are a lot of companies out there who can do a good job at fixing your leaking roof. A fall from the roof can be life threatening. Also, wear a rubber- soled shoe and secure the ladder to the siding so that it does not get blown away by the wind.

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