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Reflective Roof Coating

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January 19, 2018
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A reflective roof coating is essential to help reflect more daylight from the surface to lessen the heat consumed by the rooftop of a building. It is a new technological way in construction to save energy costs and many commercial buildings have been opting for this kind of roof coating. It is also commonly known as cool roofing. Despite all of this, this reflective roof coating is known to support in creating more relaxed indoor environments whether you have a small or big living space. One of their great advantages is that they play a crucial role in extending the life of roofing material and roofs.

How does a Reflective Roof Coating Work?

Reflective roof coating work will keep your home cooler from sunlight in two different ways. Let’s have a look:

• The First one is solar reflectance. It is the reflective roof coating’s ability to reflect the sunlight as much as possible when it hits your building. On the other hand, the traditional roof will absorb the heat and sunlight.
• The second one is known as thermal transmittal. The coating material is made of a highly reflective substance like silicones, urethanes, acrylics, aluminum, asphalt, SEBS, SBS, among other materials. In this process, the heat reflected by the reflective roof coating will be transferred back to the atmosphere without absorbing any of it.

Both of these mechanisms make your indoors cooler, comfortable, and save you a lot of money for energy consumption.

How to Use Reflective Roof Coating in Your Own Place?

Reflective Roof Coating can be used for every type of roof including spray polyurethane, modified bitumen metal, single-ply, metal and other types. It can be applied through brush, spray, or rollers on the roof but the roof must be cleaned. If it is rusty and needs maintenance then you should repair it first and then apply coating.

To install it we recommend you to try professional services of My Florida Roofing Contractors. We provide all type of roofing services in Florida. My Florida Roofing Contractors is trusted and have multiple options to choose from. The most important thing is the roof color you choose. These roofs come in different colors but white is the most effective reflective roof coating color so far as it reflects from 50% to 90% sunlight and keeps your indoors cool. You can choose other colors too according to the building structured roof to get the maximum reflection.

Benefits of Reflective Roof Coating

1. Although the benefits of reflective roof coating can vary from place to place, depending on weather, location, size and shape of your home or office and your use of air conditioning. But, if you live in sunshine state Florida, reflective roof coating can really save your energy cost by 70% approx.
2. It extends the life of a roof by decreasing thermal shock and by blocking the mitigate leakages.
3. Reflective roof coating qualifies you for the Energy Star which is a sponsored program to encourage the use of energy-efficient products.