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Questions for your roofer in Sebastian

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June 17, 2019
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Question to ask your roofer in Sebastian

Question for you roofer in Sebastian –  use these questions when comparing roofing companies instead of only comparing prices when deciding on which roofing contractor to hire.

1. Are you licensed and insured?

You should always ask this question first. In fact, before you make the appointment you should verify the license . Check here

Insurance is an absolute necessity. Make sure the roofing contractor carries liability and workers compensation insurance.

2. How long have you been in business?

You can check here, if the company is registered in Florida

You can also check the Department of Business and Professional Regulation to verify the date the license waas issued.

3. Will you take measures to protect my property?

Questions for your  roofer in Sebastian? Your roofer will have to use some type of container to remove the debris. Below are some tips, to protect your driveway  once you have hiredroofing contractor

  1. Place plywood or boards under the dumpster. …
  2. Avoid over-filling the dumpster, especially with heavy debris. …
  3. Have the rental company place the dumpster in the street. …
  4. Choose a rubber-wheeled trailer dumpster rather than a traditional roll-off container.

4. What exactly are you going to do to my roof?

Questions for your roofer in Sebastian , what is causing your roof to leak and the steps he will take to sole the issue . Make sure you have it all in writing.

5. What happens if the weather gets ugly?

Roofing contractors keep a close eye on the weather forecast, when setting their schedule for roofing tear-offs, replacements and repairs. If rain is predicted, roofing contractors often won’t schedule a job for that day.

It doesn’t matter what the weather forecast is , it is never 100% accurate and surprise showers happens, what steps will be taken to protect your roof?  The best roofers  keep tarps ready for this purpose. As soon as it starts to rain, the crew will cover the exposed areas of your rooftop to protect it

6. How long will this repair or replacement take?roof repair in vero beach

Most roofing companies will be abe to give you a start date, however the date may fall into a range because of weather and inspections of other roofing projects. Other factors that may affect the the length of your project are 1) how many layers to be removed 2) how much bad wood needs to be changed. Usually this cannot be determined until they begin working on your roof.

7. What is my new warranty?

Do they offer a workmanship warranty? Will they provide a manufacturer’s warranty?

8. Can I see some customer feedback?

The internet has made it easy. I suggest not only checking google reviews but all across the internet.By entering the roofing comapny’s name you are able to get an great “feel ” for the company. It is important not just to check the ratings but to read the comments as well. It is okay to see some negative reviews but how did the roofing company respond?

 9. Who should I communicate with on-site?

Who will you communicate with about any issues or insights you may have, while your roof is being repaired or installed. This is important, as you will have questions as your roofing project progresses.

10. Can I see a written estimate?

Another questions for you roofer  in Sebastian, is to  see the estimate in writing before commiting to a roofer and you should compare estimates. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples . Example, are all the estimates based on peel and stick underlayment or is one roofer giving you a 30lb felt.


Hope this helps with questions for your roofer in Sebastian – Please note that the info. s solely the opinion  of the writer . Please contact MY Florida Roofing Contractor 772-453-7219 with questions!