When Do You Use A Nail Gun For Installing A New Roof

Shingles vs Nails

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Are you aware of the difference between sheathing and shingles? Both of these materials are very beneficial when it comes to the roof of a house. Also, do you know what the nailing method is better for your roof? Hand nailing or a nail gun? Our experts at My Florida Roofing Contractor is here to clear up the air. We are one of the top roofing companies in Vero Beach.


What Material Are You Using?

When you are getting a new roof installed, it is silly to think about how exactly the roof will be nailed down. However, it is important to consider what is best when yielding your roof. However, the answer to this question is not merely because both have their own disadvantages and advantages. It is important to determine the correct answer on a roof to roof basis instead of the installer preference. You must consider the factors with each material:

  • Type of Roof Sheathing
  • Type of Shingles
  • Experience and Quality of the Installer


Nail Gun or Hand Nailing?

First, you must consider the many factors of both sheathing and shingles. This will aid your decision. Trust one of the best roofing companies. Here are the factors:

  • Roof Sheathing
    • The type of sheathing and condition of the wood deck are essential factors in determining how a new roof system should be fastened to the sheathing. After an old roof system is removed, our roofing contractor will inspect the roof deck to determine if the sheathing is in good condition or if any of it should be replaced. Damaged wood will not be able to accept a nail driven with a hammer or a nail gun. After all damaged wood is replaced, the deck should be inspected for gaps in the sheathing that a nail could potentially be driven into.
    • Problems can occur if a nail gun is used on the house with a significant amount of gaps in the roof sheathing. If a nail from a nail gun is lodged between the planks, the shingle will not be properly fastened. It is impossible to see if a nail hits solid wood since the roof deck is covered by felt paper. Hand nail installers are quick to ‘feel’ a nail miss the wood sheathing while nail gun operators have to rely on sounds and intuition. A good contractor will inspect the roof sheathing after it is removed to determine if nail misses are likely to occur. If this is the case, hand nailing should be preferred over the use of a nail gun.


  • Types of Shingles
    • Standard shingles
      • Needs to be hand nailed. This will require six nails per shingle to achieve a wind rating of 130 mph. However, increasing the number of fasteners per shingle also increases the number of deck penetrations. More penetrations into the roof deck will weaken the shingles over time due to thermal expansion and contraction. Also, there is a greater chance for nails to blow through shingles from a nail gun if they are not engineered with the SureNail strip.
    • Premium shingles
      • Does not require hand nailing. Material costs are less on standard shingles but will require more labor if they are hand nailed. Installing a high-quality shingle adds customer value in many different ways. Using a premium shingle eliminates the need to question the fastening pattern, minimizes the number of deck penetrations, and maximizes the wind resistance.

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