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Metal Roofing Can Help Save The Environment. Here’s How

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You hear it in the news every day, the world is slowly dying. This, of course, is thanks to global warming. We as humans need to do as much as we possibly can in order to fix this mess we created. We all love Earth, so we need to take care of her. You are already interested in getting a new roof; you mind as well look into metal roofing so you can reduce waste and save energy. Here is My Florida Roofing Contractor, we are here to make that decision easy for you. You need to take advantage of our roofing Vero Beach, FL.


There is No Better Roofing Vero Beach, FL

As consumers, we become more educated each day about the need for sustainable living. Many homeowners and home buyers are starting to prioritize being eco-friendly. This is great! Hopefully, this movement does not end soon. To meet the public needs for conservation, recyclability, and sustainability, those in home improvement and construction industries are looking for different alternatives that will help support, even the most rigorous standards of eco-friendliness. There are a plethora of ways to do this, starting with your roof. A metal roof is definitely an option that is gaining significant popularity.


Metal Roofing is On The Rise

These unique roofs are made of various metal materials. These metals include tin, aluminum, copper, and galvanized steel. No matter if there are heavy rainstorms, hurricanes, or hail storms, metal roofs will keep homeowners safe and away from the elements. An added plus is that they are fire-resistant. They also keep away unwanted pests such as raccoons and squirrels. The best part out of everything is these roofs are environmentally friendly. They create superior energy-saving features, unmatched longevity, and high recyclability.  


How is a metal roof energy efficient? Metal roofs are also considered “cool” roofs. This is because they will save a homeowner up to 40 percent in their energy bill. Using a solar spectrum reflectometer and an emission meter to conduct a three-year study on the energy efficiency and service life of metal roof systems, Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Buildings Technology Center found that the high solar reflectivity and emissivity levels of cool metal-type roofing can significantly mitigate urban heat island effects. When it comes to other roof types,  white coatings on other roofing materials displayed a 25 to 40 percent drop in their initial reflectance; the metal roof tested retained most of its initial solar reflectance during the study. In fact, researchers found that pre-painted metal was able to keep almost 95 percent of its reflexivity.


Other benefits include:

  • Longevity
  • Recyclability
  • Protection
  • Green Efficient


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