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How To Patch A Leaky Roof

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Is your home currently the victim of roof damage that is resulting in leakage? Owning a home with a leaky roof is never fun. My Florida Roofing Contractor has all the information you need in order to make sure your home is protected from water. We are certified roofing contractors Vero Beach FL.


Find The Leak

Before you can even think of repairing the roof leak, first you need to locate it. The source of most roof leaks is hard to find because it originates away from where the leak shows up. This can get quite frustrating and stressful. This is why it is a good idea to let the professionals handle the situation.


In order to find the source of a leak, follow our roofer’s advice and “think like water”. When it comes to water, it typically comes in through worn, broken, or missing shingles. They also occur where nails have worked loose or through corroded and poorly sealed roof shingles around vents, skylights, or chinleys. They can also come from the intersections of roof panels.


Once the water has passed the roofing, it begins to flow along the sheathing, roof rafters, or topside of ceiling until it finds a place to drip down. If you are unlucky enough, it will make its way to your furniture.


It is most helpful to find a roof leak during the day. If your home has an attic, head up there with a flashlight. This is going to be the most typically place a leak will be visible. Make sure you step on only secure framing members and never directly on the insulation or topside. This can cause you to fall straight through. At that point you will really have a roof problem. However, we are here for you if that happens as well. Utilizing your flashlight, start above where the drip has occurred and work you way uproof, keeping an eye out for wetness. Trust our professional roofing contractors Vero Beach FL. We will get the job done right.


How We Patch Leaky Roofs

  • Partially unroll or unfold enough heavy polyethylene sheeting to cover the leaking section of the roof.
    • We add about four feet extra and cut it with a utility knife. From there, we wrap one end around a 2×4 that is as long as the plastic’s width. We then staple the plastic along the wood piece and nail the boards together with 3 inch nails.


  • Place the sandwiched end of the plastic along the eaves.
    • We stretch the sheeting from eves to ridge. We run it over the top of the ridge and down the other side a few feet.


  • Sandwich the top end of the sheeting with another pair of 2x4s.
    • This makes it so the patch wont get carried away from the wind. We make sure not to nail any part of the assembly to the roof that way the repair process will be smooth and easy.


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Choose us when you are choosing a contractor for a leaky roof. We are one of the greatest roofing companies in Vero Beach FL. My Florida Roofing Contractor, which was formerly known as Reyes Group General Construction, was established in 2003. My Florida Roofing Contractor is committed to using quality products, providing excellent service, and delivering the best customer care possible. My Florida Roofing Contractor provides all clients with a warranty for all completed projects. We are the best roofing contractors Vero Beach FL. Please give us a call today and see for yourself.

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