How To File A Homeowners Insurance Roof Replacement Claim

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Tips For Your Roof Replacement Insurance Claim

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If you’re looking for homeowners insurance tips and roofers near me, you came to the right place. My Florida Roofing Contractor, in Vero Beach, has a few helpful tips for filing your roof replacement claim and beginning your repairs soon. Our dedicated team of contractors have 15-years of excellent experience to assist you in your repair needs.

Look for roof damage immediately following a severe storm:

Since some insurance policies have stipulations on how long after a storm you can file a claim, it’s imperative that you check for damage as soon as a severe storm has passed and you’re safe to do so. Most damage can be found around roof edges, chimneys, vents, flashing, caps, shingles, tiles, and dormer junctions. Though, some damage might be undetectable to an untrained eye, so an expert inspection is the best way to ensure your claim is filed correctly and accepted. Collect as much evidence as possible in photographs, videos, measurements, details about the event that caused the damage, and any other documents you can gather as proof for your claim.

Search for “roofers near me” and find a reputable roofing company:

Before you can file for a roof replacement, you need to get an estimate from a professional roofing company to reasonably justify your claim, so it helps to find one that’s knowledgeable with the insurance roof replacement process. Most estimates include labor charges, materials needed, work specifications, payment procedures, building permits required, warranty details, and approximate completion dates, but don’t allow yourself to be pressured into signing any contracts, yet. Certified Public Adjusters work at certain roofing companies and are there to assist clients with their insurance claims, documents, and repairs. Most insurance companies allow you to select your own roofer and My Florida Roofing Contractor is standing by, ready to help you through this process today. Check out our A+ Better Business Bureau rating and read our reviews from happy customers any time.

File your homeowners insurance paperwork:

Gather your policy number and deductible amount, then call your insurance provider to find out what your policy covers— since the age of your roof might play a factor in your claim and your provider may only cover some of the replacement costs. In most cases, your insurance company will send an adjuster to your home to inspect the damage and verify your claim before its approved. They can determine that normal wear and tear, aging, and unrelated issues were the cause of your damage, so your claim might not be covered. In that case, be sure to hire a contractor who’s willing to work with your budget for your repairs.

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Stop searching for roofers near me and contact Vero Beach’s My Florida Roofing Contractor for your homeowners insurance repair claim needs. Our experts have 15-years of experience with full service insurance claims, repairs, restoration, and residential/commercial roofing. We pride ourselves on our integrity, lighting fast, quality work, and our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Contact us today!

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