What to do about hail damage to your roof?

Hail Damage Roof Repair: A Guide

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February 4, 2019
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One of the events that can wreck the most havoc on your roofing are hailstorms. Significant damage can be caused by hailstorms to your roof. Following the devastation of a hailstorm, you may be left wondering what exactly the next step is in order to restore your roof back to its pristine condition and your home back to its former state in the quickest possible time while still safely going through the repairs process. Read on to learn more about how roofing companies deal with hail damage, and what we at My Florida Roofing Contractor can help you do in order to restore your roof after a hailstorm. My Florida Roofing Contractor is one of the top roofing companies in Vero Beach, FL, and is here to help your roof recover after a hail storm!


Repairing Your Roof After a Hailstorm


There are some common questions that many people wonder about when it comes to hail damage. Hailstorm cause a different breed of damage versus the damage that is caused by hurricanes, or by impact from downed trees. This means that repairing your roof after a hailstorm requires a type of specific expertise. My Florida Roofing Contractor prides ourselves on having a team that is trained to recognize signs of hail damage, and are also trained to perform the appropriate repairs necessary. One of things that people may not know about hailstorms is that even if their roof looks fine following a hailstorm, it is still important for them to have it checked out. This is due to the fact that one of the hallmarks of damage by hailstorms is that this type of damage is not always obvious, unlike many other types of roofing damage. This is especially true if your house has a textured roofing material such as dimensional or architectural shingles. Shallow dents may be caused by hail on your outer roofing material that is not readily visible to the untrained eye. The danger here lies in the fact that if the dents are deep enough to affect the waterproofing layer, even a small puncture can allow rainwater through the roof deck and leak into your attic, causing serious water damage that can be a huge hassle (as well as expense!) to fix.


Dealing With Hail Damage After a Storm


Some people think that they are able to go the DIY route and try to inspect and repair their own roof. While you may think that you’re saving money by doing your own roof inspection and repairs, this is quite an ill-advised option. In fact, you may end up even making matters worse for your roof, as the majority of homeowners do not have the safety knowledge and in-depth roofing expertise required to do the job properly. It’s important to call experienced roofing professionals, such as My Florida Roofing Contractor, one of the top roofing companies in Vero Beach FL, in order to have a safely and professionally conducted roof inspection and then be offered the most thorough and appropriate solutions for your roof.


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