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The Challenges of Flat Roof Repair in Vero Beach, FL

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Owning a flat roof can be tough if you are not sure what you are dealing with. If this type of roof ever gets damaged, you must make sure that you hire a professional who is experienced in flat roof repair. We are the contractors to trust. Us here at My Florida Roofing Contractor offer the best roofing Vero Beach, FL.


All About Flat Roofs

Installing, repairing, and maintaining flat roofing systems in Florida is a complex process, and you want to make sure you hire a professional roofing contractor in order to ensure your flat roof is properly installed and in good condition so it won’t result in leaks, standing water or structural damages due to poor installation. Our team of expert Vero Beach roofers are highly experienced in flat roof installation, repairs, and maintenance services. You can trust our team to do the job right the first time as we have over 15 years of experience installing flat roofing systems for residential and commercial customers throughout South Florida.


Why invest in professional services for your flat roof? It’s a fact that your Vero Beach roof is one of the most important parts of your house, and is the one thing that provides the building structure, occupants and contents with protection from the elements of nature. Many Vero Beach flat roofs are in a state of disrepair, but homeowners ignore this issue until either roof or the weather gets worse. With regular maintenance and the early identification and fixing of any flat roofing problems, you can usually avoid the big problems that have equally big price tags attached to them. Regular roof maintenance will also help extend the life of your roof.


How Does The Flat Roof Repair Process Work?

  • When it comes to a damaged roof, our experts take the best course of action for an efficient recovery. Here are the steps we take in the roofing process:
  • Our Vero Beach roofers will clean the existing roof system as needed, including flashing, boots, vents, and rotted wood areas.
  • We will remove and replace any and all rotted roof sheathing throughout the entire roof area.
  • Next, any and all rotted fascia is removed and replaced.
  • We will then disconnect existing air conditioning and heating units.
  • New aluminum air conditioning stands will then be installed and fastened to the decking to meet code requirements before we reconnect the existing HVAC units. New quick disconnects for air conditioning units will also be installed at this time where needed.
  • The next step in the flat roofing process is to install eps fanfold insulation to the entire roof surface.
  • Once the insulation is fastened, we will install tie-in roofing materials as needed to match the existing roof.
  • Our specially designed high wind resistant duro-last pvc/cpa single-ply roofing system including membrane, flashing, vents, boots, curbs, and fasteners are then installed to the entire roof area.
  • Next, our Vero Beach roofers install a duro-last membrane to the entire roof area using poly-plates and screws.
  • An additional membrane is installed and fastened to the entire perimeter of the roof.
  • We then install new perimeter flashings including fascia bars, fascia cap, drip edge, and sealing the top flange of the fascia bar and cap during a durable caulk/sealant.
  • Next, we install durable boots over plumbing stacks, which are then sealed.
  • Where applicable, we will install safety walk pad networks from roof access points to air conditioning units for roof traffic personnel.
  • Wind-baffle vacuum moisture control vents are also installed for increased roof system wind uplift.
  • Finally, we will clean up and remove all debris from the roofing site, finishing up the flat roofing installation or re-roofing process.


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