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Roof Coating in Vero Beach

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A roof coating in Vero Beach, can be the right choice for your commercial or residential flat roof. Are you considering an acrylic roof coating in Vero Beach? that can be a great choice,  since it provides the best value, it is UV resistant and easy to work with. The bad news? for instance, acrylic roof coatings will lose mil thickness with weathering,  and  do not perform well in ponding-water.

A silicone roof coating performs better than other coatings with almost no erosion and they don’t get hard or brittle. What does it do that no other material can? First, it withstands ponding water – indefinitely. Because silicone coatings are not water based like acrylic, they absorb no moisture. While some acrylic coatings can be reinforced with fabric to withstand a little ponding water, they are no match for silicone’s natural resistance to coating must be applied to a completely dry roof. If there is any moisture on the surface, it can compromise the adhesion of the silicone to the roof.

Some benefits of getting a roof Coating in Vero Beach are;

  •  Energy savings by up to 50%
  •  Cool roof coating rebates and tax incentives
  • Lowers interior building temperature in
  • Better than replacing the roof since it will not disrupt the daily activity of residents
  • Seamless, waterproof protection
  • Reduced landfill waste and impact on
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    Reflective seal coat Treasure Coast and Vero Beach

    air quality

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