Do You Have a Roof Insurance Claim - We can help

Do you have a Roof Insurance Claim?

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October 10, 2019
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October 24, 2019
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Do you have a Roof Insurance Claim – we can help with that!


Hail storm damage Vero Beach

Wind and Hail causes damages to roofs and these account for about 40% of home insurance claims.

Having roof damage and having to work with contractor and your insurance company can be daunting.

  • I f you have the date of the hail or high winds and a name ( if storm)
  • Pictures would be awesome
  • When you make the call to insurance to find out if you need temporary repairs or tarp – how is that handled
  • Also find out if they  pay for the damages what payment terms are given  – ( you need this to ask the contractor,if they will accept those payment terms)


Do you have a roof insurance claim – here are more tips

  1. If damage exists and it’s more than your deductible – File an insurance claim
  2. Get an estimate from a licensed roofing contractor
  3. Meet with Insurance Adjuster and the roofer ( if possible)
  4. Get the first check from insurance (if coverage applies)
  5. Have the roofing contractor repair/ replace your roof
  6. Get the second check from insurance
  7. A good practice is to get a lien waiver or a final payment affidavit.


More Ideas

If hail damage – After the storm – grab your phone and take pictures!!!

  1. Hail stones covering the yard, sidewalk and patios.
  2. Hail stones set next to a tape measure.
    The size of a hail stone is directly proportional to the potential for damage to the roof and shingles.
  3. Roof – looking for obvious signs of roof damage such as missing or torn shingles.


When hiring a roofing contractor

Do you have a roof insurance claim

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