All About a Built Up Roof & Whether You Need One

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All About Your Built Up Roof

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A built up roof can be a fantastic decision for your home, but what is a built up roof exactly? My Florida Roofing Contractor in Vero Beach can answer your questions. We have installed many roofs, and we know the advantages and disadvantages of each kind so that we can help you select the ones that are going to be best for you. Built up roofs are an excellent option for your roof because they are one of the oldest options that exist for flat roofs, proving their worth for decades. If you are interested in learning more about the roof repair Vero Beach FL trusts, contact us at My Florida Roofing Contractor today.

What is a Built Up Roof?

A built up roof is a roofing system that is comprised of hot tar and gravel. The methodology for putting it together is to create layers of material until the top layer where the tar and gravel are. This is a tried-and-true system that has always been around. It is well desired because it can handle foot traffic as well as actual structures on the roof, unlike other roofs.

Built up roofs are also relatively inexpensive because they are not very complicated to install. It is also a great way to insulate the building, which will ultimately lead to cost savings on energy because you will be able to maintain the temperature inside the structure much more easily.

However, these types of roofs are also extremely heavy which can lead to serious problems if they are not supported properly. It also has to be installed in an empty building because there are dangers associated with it. This means that it may be more of an inconvenience than it is worth if you have to take the time to move everyone out of the building before it can be installed and you have to reinforce the building before the roof can be installed.

The Best Roof Repair Vero Beach FL Has to Offer

At My Florida Roofing Contractor, we do not limit ourselves to the options that are readily available. We want to make sure that we have a variety of different options available for you so that you are always getting the absolute best for your home. Whether you are choosing to purchase a built up roof or you are looking for something else altogether, contact us and get started with your new roof today.

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My Florida Roofing Contractor is a company for roof repair Vero Beach FL trusts. We are proud of the relationship that we have established with our community, and we know what roofs are going to best suit the homes. That is why we can provide you with quality advice about which roof to select for your home and how to avoid any disaster in the future. If you are ready to learn more about our roofing options or you would like to schedule a consultation with us, contact us at My Florida Roofing Contractor.

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