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Acrylic Coating

Commercial Roofing
May 11, 2018
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June 4, 2018
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The harsh, inconsistent and surprising weather condition in Florida is responsible for quick wear and tear of many buildings, both residential and commercial. The owners frequently have to repair their properties, increasing the cost of maintenance. They often have to repair the roofs, walls, doors, windows and much more. When roof gets damaged, you can notice blisters and cracks, giving rise to water leakages. Most of the people think of replacing the roofs once it gets damaged due to rough weather conditions or any other circumstances. But seal coating is the best way to repair the roofs and stop leakages.

The acrylic coating is very economical and extends the life of the roofs.

In case of replacement of the roof, you have to manage the disposal of debris and adjust with the unnecessary noise and air pollution. In addition to that, you also have to spend a lot of money for getting the new roof done. At a fraction of the cost of the new roof, you can get it repaired from a professional contractor before using an acrylic coating to seal the roofs.

Are you looking to use Acrylic roofing system on your roofs? Do you want to stop the roof leaks and make it dirt-resistant? My Florida Roofing Contractor is here to solve your roofing problems. We have a dedicated team for coating the roofs in an efficient and professional manner. Our wide range of services includes residential and commercial roofing, repairs and seal coating. We have been in this business for over 15 years and know extensively about various kinds of roofs. We adhere to all the regulations of the state and ensure that we complete the work within the deadlines.

The acrylic coating is very economical and extends the life of the roofs. It provides waterproofing on the existing roofs and takes care of water drainage problems. Acrylic Coating adds significant value to the property and increases the shelf life of the roofs. It includes multiple layers of coating and has embedded fabric between the coatings. A flexible membrane is created, giving durability and strength to the roofs.

Pros Of Acrylic Coating

• It is chemical-resistant and non-toxic and hence, it is environmental-friendly
• Whether it is wood, asphalt or metal, it can bond to anything very easily
• Acrylic Coating is white in colour, keeping the temperature low inside the property. This also helps in saving energy
• This coating is dirt-resistant and hence, maintains the overall look of the property
• The acrylic coating is reflective in nature and thus, it protects you from harmful UV rays
• They are extremely cost-effective and help you save hundreds of dollars. It can withstand harsh weather and are highly durable in multiple environments

Having a proper roofing system done on your property will only increase its aesthetic value. Our professional team is here for guiding you in choosing the best acrylic coating products for your roofs. The price at which we provide our services is often unmatched by our competitors. We use only top quality materials for acrylic coating and ensure that the procedure is completed in a best possible way.

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