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Questions to ask your Roofer

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January 27, 2020
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Hire a Roofing Professional
February 13, 2020
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Questions to ask your Roofer

Questions to ask your roofer

questions to ask your roofer

Do you carry workers’ compensation insurance?

It is the law, a business owner with no employees can be workers comp exempt, which may make it possible to acquire a permit and some contractors may use this as proof of insurance, but if you are a roofer with employees you must have workers comp

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What is the dollar amount for plywood? 

This is one of the most important questions to ask your Roofer and make sure it is in writing – You never know what you will uncover once the roof is torn off and at this time you are at the mercy of the Roofer and may have to pay whatever he charges.

Are you local –

 you should hire someone locally for a few reasons – you can look at previous jobs, you can drive by current jobs in progress, and if you have an issue, it can be addressed quickly. What is the warranty on your roof repair or a new roof? Some roofing contractors will quote the manufacturers’ warranty as to the warranty, but make sure you ask what the labor warranty is.

 Reviews –  

Don’t just check google reviews – Search the company’s name and check reputation around the web. Ask for previous customers or with the customers’ permission to inspect the roof installed. Check o u some of ours

How Will you protect the roof in case of a downpour?

The best answer is the weather is checked daily, and the roof is not opened unless we have clear skies – In a perfect world!!! The weather channels are wrong at times, and we sometimes have sudden showers. The roofing contractor should be prepared with tarps and plastic sheathing. If there are high winds – will someone return to check that your home is protected?

Will, there be someone you can communicate with on-site  

No explanation needed…

I hope this article on questions to ask your roofer – helped!!




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