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Five reasons why you should sealcoat your roof in Stuart

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March 10, 2017
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March 15, 2017
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five reasons why you should sealcoat your roof in Stuart

Commercial Roof Seal Coat in Stuart - Treasure Coast

Five reasons why you should sealcoat your roof in Stuart

1. A seal coat could be a excellent alternative to a reroof or recovery, in this article we will give you five reasons why you should sealcoat your roof in Stuart. Sealcoats are inexpensive compared to recovery and usually are a third of the cost of a reroof. Sealcoats do not require a tear off of the existing roof covering that could be a major liability to the building owner while work is in process leaving the thought of doing a sealcoat as the easiest option of the three.

2. Another of five reasons why you should sealcoat your roof in Stuart, It prevents water from ever entering. If a sealcoat system is installed correctly it can offer better protection against the elements like rain, snow or hail. A well installed sealcoat brings a complete monolithic seal to your roof both allowing any moisture to penetrate thus keeping the interior safe from any unwanted damages caused by leaks. Other roofs, like single ply and modified have laps and seams that could eventually leak due to age and installer errors causing un forseen costs in roofing and interior leak repairs. Imagine a complete force field protecting your roof for years to come and as a sealcoat being liquid applied additional costs and be applied years after its initial application at a fraction of the original cost while adding additional years of life to the original sealcoat.

3. Sealcoats offer great energy benefits. Most sealcoats when applied, cure to a bright white finish. A white roof is a cool roof because of the whites reflective values, reflecting most of the sun’s ultraviolet rays and heat keeping the underside cooler. A cooler underside equals cooling equipment to work less therefore saving you money over the life of the roof in terms of lowered energy cost. Keep reading for more of five reasons why you should sealcoat your roof in Stuart. More information

4. Sealcoat roofs are excellent for almost any type of flat and metal roof, are excellent for all weather conditions and are very elastic which means they contour to the expansion and contraction your roof will go through as the seasons changes. Sealcoat roofs are also low cost and easy to maintain, should you ever experience a tear in the sealant due to foot traffic caused by an equipment technician, any facility engineer or roofer can simply clean the area where the roofs sealcoat has been disturbed, properly clean it using mild soap and water and once dried apply an even and generous amount of the sealcoat used, it will dry within hours and it will be as good as new, therefore saving you hundreds if not thousands in roof repairs.

5. It will preserve your roofs existing condition indefinitely. Since sealcoats are monolithic and seamless it keeps the sun and moisture out. All roofs are designed to keep moisture out but along the sun’s ultraviolet rays all roofing systems eventually become old and lose its strength against the exterior elements thus causing laps and seams to come lose and eventually leak. A properly installed sealcoat roof will protect your existing roofing system thus adding another layer of protection against the weather making your existing roof ageless. As mentioned before sealcoats are liquid applied and can be reapplied many times over basically reinforcing the previously applied sealcoat and offering the possibilities of a lifetime roof and saving tens of thousands of dollars over the period of ownership and life of the building.

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