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Slate Roofs

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When you are thinking to install or change the roof of your property, you have multiple options to choose from. One of the oldest and long lasting materials to put on the roofs is Slate. It is a unique, natural sturdy rock that is mined and cut to make slate tiles. It is one of those materials that are used for several decades. It is often overlooked for other materials during the roofing process because either people are unfamiliar with it or they are not aware of its value. Changing or installing new roofs is a daunting task and you need an expert roofing contractor to take care of this procedure.

 Due to harsh weather in Florida, Slate can be a better option to choose while installing roofs.

Slate is a better material to be used on roofs because of its highest quality. It can be made into a roofing tile by splitting the stone into thin sheets. They remain relatively flat when broken that makes them very easy to handle and stack on the roof. It can be suitably used as a roofing material because of its low index of water absorption, thereby making them waterproof. Due to harsh weather in Florida, Slate can be a better option to choose while installing roofs. It should be done by an expert contractor as it is not easy to install due to its fragility.

My Florida Roofing Contractor has a lot of experience in installing Slate roofs and is considered to be one of the few companies to have an expertise in providing ideal Slate Roofing solution. We provide all the styles of Slate roofing, ranging from textural to graduated installations. Additionally, we also provide variety in texture such as uniform and smooth as well as rough and rustic. We have a professional team that has complete knowledge of the roofing procedure and work with utmost care to make your roof ecstatic and beautiful.

Benefits of Slate Roofs:

  • Slate roofs have numerous advantages, mostly because of its natural look, longevity and unique appearance.
  • Slate roofing tiles offer many options in terms of shape, size, texture, colour and thickness. The unique colours include black, red, purple, gray and mixed colours
  • Slate roofs are also environment friendly as they can last up to 100 years before they need replacement. So, you don’t have to dump roof waste into a landfill every few years
  •  If the roofs are constructed properly, they can last up to a century before you need to replace them. On the other hand, the roofs made with other materials can last only up to 25 years before needing replacement
  • They are extremely resistant to fire compared to other materials used in roofs. This is very important as it can save your property from the wildfires, sparks from fireworks, etc

Although expensive than other roofing tiles, Slate is popular among the people, who are looking for roofs with longer durability and shelf-life. My Florida Roofing Contractor is a reputed company that provides professional and high-quality roofing solutions to the residential and commercial establishments. We are a licensed Roofing contractor and abide by all the Florida Building Codes during construction and installation. We always work hard to improve our services as we believe in long-term relationship with the clients. The services provided by us are top notch and the prices at which they are provided cannot be matched by our competitors. If you are looking to get your roof done, don’t forget to consult our experts by calling us any time of the day.

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