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Stop Leaks By Seal Coating Your Roof in Vero Beach, Sebastian, Stuart, Fort Pierce, Fellsmere and Port St Lucie!

Seal Coating System is the perfect option to stop roof leaks on your commercial building and save money on your energy cost. The roofing systems we use will extend the life of your current roof, for a fraction of the cost of replacing the roof. Before coating the roof, we ensure that all seams and fasteners are watertight by using a sealant that adheres to the seams and other roof details in one application.

We repair all blisters and cracks to ensure a smooth roof surface before application. Once the roof is prepped we will apply the purchased sealcoat with strict adherence to the manufactures direction. Sealants are available in acrylic or silicone. My Florida Roofing Contractor will work with you to determine which option is best for your roof based on the type of roof and budget. Instead of searching for “roofing contractors near me”, contact My Florida Roofing Contractor today.

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Types of Seal Coating

Silicone Coating

The advantages of using silicone on roofs from the best “roofing contractors near me”:

  • It’s permanent and will not chalk degrade or crack in the harsh Florida sun
  • Silicone forms a seamless membrane that withstands permanent ponding water
  • Silicone creates a smooth surface that offers excellent resistance to mold, mildew, and staining
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Acrylic Coating

The acrylic roofing system is is energy-efficient, chemical resistant, durable, leak-free, and long-lasting. They are also a more affordable option to silicone if the roofs meet the minimum required slope.

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Cool Roof Coating

Cool Roof Coatings reflect up to 85% of the heat, this is definitely a plus on those long hot days in Florida helping to keep the underside cooler for stored goods and employees. These coating helps to reduce the expansion and contraction of the roof resulting in increased roof life and lower air condition bills.

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Reflective Roof Coating

Applying white reflective coatings to a commercial roof is a great option for a commercial building. It can be installed in less time than a roof replacement without the high risk that comes when reroofing in the rainy days. There is little or no noise to disrupt tenants as well as less debris and trash for the landfills.

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