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My Florida Roofing Contractor has been providing roof repair services for over 15 years.  We roof repairs in Vero Beach and Sebastian, from damaged sheathing to long-term maintenance for commercial and residential buildings.  maintenance goes into your roof, so contact My Florida Roofing Contractor today for any of your roofing needs.

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My Florida Roofing Contractor has a lot of experience with different types of roof repairs in Vero Beach. One of the most common problems for roofs that require maintenance is roof leakage. Roofs often leak at the valley, the internal angle where two sloping roof planes intersect. Improper installation or overlapping shingles are generally the cause of such leaks. To prevent them, it is important to clear the leaves and debris that collect in the valley, because fungus and mildew thrive in the moisture retained by such debris. Clearing out your gutters and the valley can help prevent future leaks. Leaks can also occur in the chimney area because water runs through there in an open joint and onto the sheathing, and strong winds can drive rain around the counter flashing because it doesn’t overlap enough to the base flashing. Our roofing company also service roof repairs in  city of Fellsmere and Sebastian. 

Different Types of Roofing Repairs

Another type of roof repair you could need is chimney flashing repair, because chimneys often leak, mostly due to their sheet metal flashing. It’s easy to spot the culprit of such an issue by searching for water-stained ceilings or other symptoms of leakage in the chimney area. If your chimney flashing is missing, rusted, falling out, or covered in roofing tar, you have to install new chimney flashing. A good opportunity to get new flashing installed is whenever you have your new roof shingles put in. We are roof repair experts in Vero Beach and Sebastian

Storm damage to your roof often requires repairs, as extreme weather like wind, rain, and hail can cause a lot of damage. Shingles can be torn or blown off by wind or weakened and dented by hail. Some storm damage is hidden, and even though it is not obvious it can start causing problems weeks or even months after storm. Have your roof inspected and assessed by professional Roofing Contractor to protect against hidden storm damage.

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Types of Residential Roofs

The most common areas to experience a roof leak is at the valley, the internal angle formed by the intersection of two sloping roof planes. Leaks are usually due to overlapping or improper installation of shingles.

Prevention Tip:

Leaves and debris collecting in the valley can cause leakage. Debris retains moisture which encourages the growth of fungus and mildew. Keeping the valley and gutters clean is the first step to preventing future leaks.
Roof leaks may also occur around the chimney when water runs through an open joint and onto the sheathing. Strong winds can drive rain around the counter flashing because it doesn’t lap over far enough to the base flashing.

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Chimneys are notorious for leaking and the culprit is most often the sheet metal flashings. Fortunately, it doesn’t take an expert to spot the issue – simply look for water-stained ceilings or other telltale signs of leaking in the vicinity of your chimney. You’ll want to install new chimney flashing if it’s missing, rusted through, falling out or completely covered with roofing tar (a typical short-term fix that’s sure to be hiding bigger problems).

When you have new roof shingles installed, it is the perfect opportunity to install new flashing, as this flashing will last as long as the new roofing (25 to 40 years). We work to provide longlasting roof repair Vero Beach FL locals know they can trust.

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Shingles are designed to protect against weather, but wind, rain and hail can cause damage. Not all storm damage is obvious, and hidden damage can cause problems within weeks or even months after a storm. To ensure protection against hidden damage, it is important to have your roof inspected and assessed by a professional contractor for roof repair Vero Beach FL residents can depend on.

High winds can tear and remove shingles, leaving the roof deck, under-layment or old shingles from a previous roof exposed to the harsh elements. Winds can lift and curl shingles by breaking the seal which bonds them together, leaving your roof dangerously vulnerable to wind-driven rain. Hail can leave dents or pockmarks in shingles, dislodging the granules that protect against rain and sun damage.

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Residential Roofing Maintenance Program

Does your home or commercial roof have a roof maintenance program If not, the life of your roof may be on an accelerated lifespan that can cost you thousands in repairs or even having to replace the roof before the intended life of the roof. Allow My Florida Roofing Contractor to inspect your residential or commercial roof and provide a roof analysis that will you show you all of the pre-existing deficiencies, create a report with pictures and outline a maintenance game- plan to keep you roof worry free and help extend the life of the roof by correcting and maintaining. Typical occurring roof failures that plague South Florida roofs, such as; cluttered gutters, dried up pitch pans, damaged metal flashing, alligator back asphalt and bubbles of trapped moisture within the roof felts. See why we are the preferred Vero Beach roofing contractors.

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