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Our roofing services are the answer to any roof repair need you might have. The roof of your property provides shelter, drainage and ventilation. The roof structure is covered with materials which overlap to make the roof water tight. Every roof has to be installed on a flat surface.

If the roof decking is damaged, the sheathing will have to be replaced before applying any new roofing materials. It is important to consider the amount of maintenance required when choosing roofing materials. Below are some of the common repair services that we provide:

Types of Roofing Repairs

Roof Leaks

The most common areas to experience a roof leak is at the valley, the internal angle formed by the intersection of two sloping roof planes. Leaks are usually due to overlapping or improper installation of shingles.

Prevention Tip:

Leaves and debris collecting in the valley can cause leakage. Debris retains moisture which encourages the growth of fungus and mildew. Keeping the valley and gutters clean is the first step to preventing future leaks.
Roof leaks may also occur around the chimney when water runs through an open joint and onto the sheathing. Strong winds can drive rain around the counter flashing because it doesn’t lap over far enough to the base flashing.

Chimney Flashing Repair

Chimneys are notorious for leaking and the culprit is most often the sheet metal flashings. Fortunately, it doesn’t take an expert to spot the issue – simply look for water-stained ceilings or other telltale signs of leaking in the vicinity of your chimney. You’ll want to install new chimney flashing if it’s missing, rusted through, falling out or completely covered with roofing tar (a typical short-term fix that’s sure to be hiding bigger problems).

When you have new roof shingles installed, it is the perfect opportunity to install new flashing, as this flashing will last as long as the new roofing (25 to 40 years).

Storm Damage

Shingles are designed to protect against weather, but wind, rain and hail can cause damage. Not all storm damage is obvious, and hidden damage can cause problems within weeks or even months after a storm. To ensure protection against hidden damage, it is important to have your roof inspected and assessed by a professional contractor.

High winds can tear and remove shingles, leaving the roof deck, under-layment or old shingles from a previous roof exposed to the harsh elements. Winds can lift and curl shingles by breaking the seal which bonds them together, leaving your roof dangerously vulnerable to wind-driven rain. Hail can leave dents or pockmarks in shingles, dislodging the granules that protect against rain and sun damage.

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