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Serving Florida’s Real Estate Market with Free Online Roofing Quotes

My Florida Roofing Contractor Offers Free Roofing Quotes Through Roofle

Roofing work can happen at any time, but it’s especially common during the process of buying or selling a home. This is because buyers expect that a home they’re moving into is in the best shape possible for the foreseeable future. Roofers often have relationships with real estate professionals for just this purpose. At My Florida Roofing Contractor, we work with Florida real estate experts regularly, providing free quotes for roofing work, including repairs and full replacements.

How do our free roofing quotes work? Well, thanks to Roofle, the process is completely seamless, enabling our clients to get a quote fast.

Free Roofing Quotes for Buyers and Sellers

Both buyers and sellers frequently need roofing quotes during the process of a home sale. For sellers, it’s sometimes required to complete a roof replacement or repairs before closing, either due to regulations or as a show of goodwill toward the buyer. 

Some buyers, meanwhile, may be willing to purchase a home that doesn’t need a roof replacement immediately, but will relatively soon. Getting a quote for that replacement now helps buyers make an informed decision when it comes to making an offer, as they’ll be able to factor in the cost of roofing work to the final price. 

In other words, roofing quotes make a lot of sense for all parties involved in the homebuying process, and our free, instant quotes make everything easier!

Instant Quotes Online Via Roofle

The homebuying process can move quickly, and it’s important that all moving parts are accounted for so that the process isn’t held up. Under normal circumstances, a roofing quote may take a few days—but even those few days are precious to sellers looking to move and buyers looking to move into their new home.

To serve this need, at My Florida Roofing Contractor we’ve partnered with Roofle, to provide free, instant roofing quotes—entirely online. Roofle is a company built by contractors, for contractors, and the process for getting a quote through their product couldn’t be more seamless.

Helping Us Better Serve Realtors, Sellers, and New Homeowners

The homebuying process takes hard work on the part of many individuals. What many folks don’t realize, however, is that roofing companies often play a major role in completing a home sale.

At My Florida Roofing Contractor, we’re the trusted partner of many realtors and new homeowners. We have years of experience completing roofing work within the home sale process. We understand that home sales are subject to restrictive timelines and, often, tight windows in which to complete roofing work.

By providing instant, free roofing quotes, we’re able to better expedite the process of providing an estimate for roofing work before completing an expert roof replacement, led by our experienced contractors.

Quote Available for All Homeowners

Of course, while home sales are highly time- and budget-sensitive, even longtime homeowners are well served by timely roofing quotes. If you find yourself in need of a roof repair or potential replacement, it always helps to know upfront what you can expect to pay for it. Our roofing quotes through Roofle help to inform our clients on what to expect from their roofing project so that they can be financially prepared.

Get Your Free Roofing Quote Today!

Whether you’re selling your home, buying a new one, or if you’ve lived in yours for years and your roof is approaching the end of its lifespan, you can start the process of replacing your roof immediately with a totally free, no-obligation roofing quote from My Florida Roofing Contractor. You can complete the process entirely online—or, if you have questions about roofing work, feel free to reach out to us!


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Ronson QuintoRonson Quinto

My Florida Roofing was phenomenal, always on time and detail oriented. Very knowledgeable on the different types of roofs and options. Felix and Maria, picked up the phone immediately and always answered my questions. The owner Rene was on site frequently looking over the job. They were also the best priced and were even recommended by other roofing companies. Very happy with the outcome.

Lynne JohnsonLynne Johnson

I definitely had a 5 Star experience with My Florida Roofing Contractors; and would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who values working with an exceptional team of professionals. I needed a roof replacement and from the beginning, I found Felix Bello to be knowledgeable, responsive, client-focused, patient, thorough and a person of integrity. As I worked with other members of the team, like Maria Lopez, I learned these qualities were mirrored throughout the organization. What a great culture and excellent experience as a client.

I was consulted and kept informed of every stage of the process, no surprises!

That’s HOW they do business and WHAT they delivered was equally paramount and impressive. The installation was timely and everything passed inspections, no rework. The roof looks amazing, which has been validated by multiple compliments from neighbors. This was an outstanding experience with an outstanding outcome. A great return on investment—there aren’t enough of these! Thank you in spades!

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Your Roof is Our Passion. Let Us Assist with Your Next Roofing Project.

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