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Commercial Roof Repairs 


There is one decision bigger than deciding on a Commercial Roof Repairs in Florida, and that’s the decision not to repair it. Ignoring a leaking commercial roof can be catastrophic. One of the greatest concerns is internal damage, the result of a leak gone unattended for too long. It’s then that the structural integrity of the building can be compromised, which in turn threatens inventory and the health of employees and customers inside that building. Mold is an ever-present hazard of neglect. Water, of course, is the villain. It can cause tremendous damage during all seasons and in colder climates can seep under the top layer of the roof and freeze, creating a nightmare during the spring thaw.


There are tell-tale signs indicating when a roof needs to be replaced or you need commercial roof repairs, some can even be seen with the naked eye, as when the roof is chronologically too old or looks damaged. Sometimes an owner can see insufficient support for the framing when the roof is falling in at one or more locations. My Florida Roofing Contractors closer inspection can reveal problems such as excessive moisture in the attic and water infiltration in the attic at the flashing. We service Sebastian, Vero Beach, Fort Pierce, Indian River County and Brevard County.


Whether flat or sloped, business owners have several different options for commercial roofs. Traditionally, gravel and tar have been the go-to choice for flat roofs but, as in everything else, new options are presenting themselves. This is not to say that gravel and bitumen are obsolete. With a lifetime of between 15-30 years, gravel and bitumen is a tried and true product that does not require more specific permits. Its major disadvantage is maintenance, as the gravel needs to be redistributed for optimal performance. Whether in Fort Pierce, Vero Beach or Sebastian , call us for a commercial roof repairs estimate.


The new kid on the block is elastomeric membrane, and this is beginning to replace in large measure the old standby of gravel and bitumen on flat roofs. This membrane is melted on your roof so that materials stick to it. Because a torch is used to melt the membrane, special permits are often required and installation by professionals is absolutely essential. It has a lifespan of 25-35 years, works extremely well and does not require special maintenance. Because it is black, though, it attracts heat and can elevate air conditioning costs. Some business owners are choosing the product in white to offset this disadvantage, even though it may cost a little during the installation phase.


TPO and EPDM are environmentally friendly options for a flat roof and its white color reflects heat, saving on air conditioning. It has a lifespan of 25-30 years and costs less than other options but has the drawback of being less resistant and must be cleaned once a year to prevent tears and other damage. Shingles are, of course, an old standby, look great and are easily installed, but have a lifespan half that of quality sheet metal. The most environmentally friendly commercial roof is the so-called “green roof,” a roof that contains large amounts of living plants, trees and grasses. This roof can provide additional living space but requires a tremendous amount of maintenance compared to other choices.


The best option when deciding to do a commercial roof repair or replacement, is perhaps applying a roof seal coat. The best way to determine is to call a roofing contractor, we service Fort Pierce, Vero Beach and Sebastian.


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commercial roof repairs
commercial Roof repairs

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Ronson QuintoRonson Quinto

My Florida Roofing was phenomenal, always on time and detail oriented. Very knowledgeable on the different types of roofs and options. Felix and Maria, picked up the phone immediately and always answered my questions. The owner Rene was on site frequently looking over the job. They were also the best priced and were even recommended by other roofing companies. Very happy with the outcome.

Lynne JohnsonLynne Johnson

I definitely had a 5 Star experience with My Florida Roofing Contractors; and would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who values working with an exceptional team of professionals. I needed a roof replacement and from the beginning, I found Felix Bello to be knowledgeable, responsive, client-focused, patient, thorough and a person of integrity. As I worked with other members of the team, like Maria Lopez, I learned these qualities were mirrored throughout the organization. What a great culture and excellent experience as a client.

I was consulted and kept informed of every stage of the process, no surprises!

That’s HOW they do business and WHAT they delivered was equally paramount and impressive. The installation was timely and everything passed inspections, no rework. The roof looks amazing, which has been validated by multiple compliments from neighbors. This was an outstanding experience with an outstanding outcome. A great return on investment—there aren’t enough of these! Thank you in spades!

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