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Commercial Roof Maintenance

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March 19, 2020
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Commercial roof maintenance

Commercial roof maintenance



No good horticulturist would plant a garden then leave it unattended for Mother Nature to ravage. Whether it’s a garden, a vehicle or a relationship, achieving the highest standard of performance requires maintenance and attention to detail. In any structure, the roof is the most important part of it, and that includes all commercial roofs. Maintaining a commercial roof is essential to long, trusted service and the key to saving the property owner significant money in the long run. There are several fundamentals that owners should observe.

Inspect your roof. As a new vehicle, a new roof, if not damaged by storms or some other external force, will likely serve the owner well for years without needing maintenance. Time takes its toll on everything, though, and even if no problems are encountered, an aging roof should be inspected regularly, just like a dental check-up. Professionals can do this safely and find easy but effective fixes a layman would miss.

Never Ignore a Leak. If you discover a leak in your commercial roof, do not ignore it. Ignoring a leak can create a giant headache, both to the structural integrity of the building and possible damage to the attic, duct, and electrical systems, even to your business’s equipment or inventory. In a worst-case scenario, that little leak can cause mold problems or even eventually lead to roof collapse. In the world of commercial roofs, nothing is more problematic than ignoring a leak. A Commercial Roof Maintenance program will keep leaks to a minimum.

Fiddler on the Roof. Though a fiddler on the roof made for a great cinematic scene, people are strongly advised not to walk on their roofs, both for safety and because it can cause lasting damage. The installation of walk pads is something a business owner could discuss with his or her roofing company. But experts unanimously agree that commercial roofs should only be inspected and repaired by professionals. As one expert noted, “You wouldn’t hire the plumber on your softball team to take out your appendix, so don’t hire a non-professional to fix your roof. It could and probably will be a disaster.”

Cleanliness is a Virtue. Life is messy and that can apply to a roof. Owners are urged to keep it clean of leaves, twigs, and rocks because they can lead to standing water, which allows for bacterial growth, clog drainage systems and AC units, or even cause holes in the roof. Again, hire a professional roofer. Even in a situation where there is no accumulation of debris, gravel, and bitumen, for instance, needs to be periodically redistributed for optimal performance.

Auxiliary equipment. Heating and cooling systems, if working improperly, can damage a roof. They should be kept in tip-top shape, including the venting system.

The roof is an investment that assures the proper functioning of a business. It has to be treated with care and respect. For those slow to act regarding any current or potential problem, all they need to do is think about the undesirable scenarios which can occur. They are serious.


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