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Choosing A New Roof For Your Home

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April 20, 2015
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April 20, 2015
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Today roofs are made form all kinds of materials rather it’d be a natural element like wood and slate to industry man-made materials such as sheet metal and asphalt. Theses day there are a wide range of styles and colors which can give you home an distinctive design element so what’s exactly right for you? Here’s a list of factors one must consider when choosing a roof:

  • What is the projected lifespan?
  • How will it hold against natural disasters like hurricanes and fires?
  • Can the existing roof frame support the new roof?
  • Are the materials used recyclable and Eco-friendly?
  • Does it pass building codes?
  • Is there enough slope on the roof?
  • And of-course, what’s the cost?

Some types of roofing material are be a better choice for your home than others. for instance if you live in dry climate prone to forest fires you may want roofing material that is fire resistance or wind resistant is your area is in a hurricane zone. Existing frame and slope can affect the choice you can make for building a roof.

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