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Acrylic Coating

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February 23, 2018
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Because of wear and tear, many buildings have to be repaired including the roofs. As the building roofs take the maximum beating from the harsh weather, often there is a need to replace the whole roof. But it is a tedious task and requires you to take care of several things such as disposal of trash and debris, disturbance caused because of construction work, etc. This also increases the overall cost of maintaining the building over the years. The best option would be to use an acrylic coating on the roofs that can be done in less time and at reduced costs.

My Florida Roofing Contractor is a well-established name when it comes to professionally coating the roofs of residential as well as commercial establishments. We have an accomplished crew of experts for providing the top-notch roofing services to the clients. We provide all the roofing services, ranging from commercial and residential roofing to seal coating and roof repairing. We have been operating and providing our services for over 15 years and it is this expertise that helps us serve our clients in the best possible way. We also provide seal coating services for the roofs and the different kinds of coating include Cool Roof coating, Silicone coating, Reflective Roof coating and Acrylic coating.

The acrylic coating is a cost-effective solution for most of the roof types.

It helps in waterproofing the existing roofs as well as the new roofs with proper water drainage even if the roofs have low slopes. The acrylic coating comprises of multiple layers of coating with the embedded fabric between them. This creates a flexible membrane that is highly durable and can last for a very long time with minimum maintenance.

Benefits Of Acrylic Coating

• The most important benefit of this type of coating is it is highly affordable and can be done by a professional contractor
• It is environment-friendly as it is a water-based coating and hence do not contain any toxic materials
• It is also ideal for roofs that are used for rainwater collection
• It can bond to almost anything, be it metal, wood, asphalt, etc
• The white colour of the acrylic coating keeps the building cooler in summer, thereby saving a lot of energy
• It is also suitable for all kinds of climate and can withstand high as well as low temperature
• They are very reflective and UV resistant as well and hence, protect you from harmful sun’s rays

Due to experience and expertise in this field, we are able to provide the best roofing services to all the clients. We use highly durable and high-quality materials for all our procedures and are committed to offering impeccable service for the best experience. You can avail our premium services at affordable price that is unmatched by our competitors. We also give guarantee for all our projects in case there is any problem. So, don’t wait anymore for availing our high-quality roofing services and call us today for more information.

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